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This Aircraft Cost Summary page provides you a quick way to see aircraft total variable cost per hour.

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Aircraft NameCategoryVariable Cost
Per Hour
328 Support Services 328DBJJETS$3,323
328 Support Services Corporate ShuttleJETS$3,356
328 Support Services Envoy BusinessJETS$3,427
Airbus A310-300JETS$14,159
Airbus ACJ318JETS$7,034
Airbus ACJ319JETS$7,430
Airbus ACJ320JETS$8,624
Airbus ACJ321JETS$8,605
Airbus ACJ340JETS$19,708
BAC 111-400JETS$8,810
Beechcraft Beechjet 400JETS$2,607
Beechcraft Beechjet 400AJETS$2,375
Beechcraft Diamond 1AJETS$2,516
Beechcraft Hawker 1000JETS$3,068
Beechcraft Hawker 1AJETS$4,523
Beechcraft Hawker 1BJETS$4,523
Beechcraft Hawker 3A/RAJETS$4,525
Beechcraft Hawker 3BJETS$4,525
Beechcraft Hawker 400JETS$4,695
Beechcraft Hawker 400/731JETS$3,578
Beechcraft Hawker 4000JETS$3,627
Beechcraft Hawker 400XPJETS$2,346
Beechcraft Hawker 400XPRJETS$1,858
Beechcraft Hawker 600JETS$4,941
Beechcraft Hawker 700JETS$3,252
Beechcraft Hawker 750JETS$3,068
Beechcraft Hawker 800JETS$3,093
Beechcraft Hawker 800SPJETS$3,022
Beechcraft Hawker 800XPJETS$3,126
Beechcraft Hawker 800XPiJETS$3,117
Beechcraft Hawker 800XPRJETS$2,766
Beechcraft Hawker 850XPJETS$3,138
Beechcraft Hawker 900XPJETS$2,826
Beechcraft Premier IJETS$1,744
Beechcraft Premier IAJETS$1,732
Boeing B707-320BJETS$17,737
Boeing B717-200JETS$7,055
Boeing B727 VIP Super 27JETS$13,439
Boeing B727-100 ExecutiveJETS$11,229
Boeing B727-200 AdvancedJETS$12,680
Boeing B737-200JETS$9,676
Boeing B737-300JETS$8,980
Boeing B737-400JETS$7,433
Boeing B737-500JETS$8,735
Boeing B737-600JETS$7,251
Boeing B737-700JETS$7,499
Boeing B737-900ERJETS$8,555
Boeing B747-100BJETS$33,067
Boeing B747-200BJETS$31,748
Boeing B747-400JETS$26,198
Boeing B747-SPJETS$27,138
Boeing B757-200ERJETS$11,913
Boeing B767-200ERJETS$13,788
Boeing B767-300ERJETS$14,382
Boeing BBJJETS$7,510
Boeing BBJ 2JETS$8,438
Boeing BBJ 3JETS$8,122
Boeing DC 10-30FJETS$23,258
Boeing DC 8-55FJETS$19,202
Boeing DC 8-73FJETS$18,279
Boeing DC 9-10JETS$9,487
Boeing DC 9-30JETS$9,500
Boeing MD 11JETS$23,818
Boeing MD 83 ERJETS$9,486
Boeing MD 87 ERJETS$10,398
Boeing MD 90-30JETS$8,026
Bombardier Challenger 300JETS$3,200
Bombardier Challenger 350JETS$3,244
Bombardier Challenger 600JETS$5,343
Bombardier Challenger 601-1AJETS$4,974
Bombardier Challenger 601-3AJETS$4,812
Bombardier Challenger 601-3AERJETS$4,893
Bombardier Challenger 601-3RJETS$4,348
Bombardier Challenger 604JETS$3,851
Bombardier Challenger 605JETS$3,583
Bombardier Challenger 850JETS$3,745
Bombardier Challenger 850 CSJETS$4,093
Bombardier Challenger 870 CSJETS$5,192
Bombardier Challenger 890 CSJETS$5,372
Bombardier Global 5000JETS$5,398
Bombardier Global 6000JETS$5,458
Bombardier Global ExpressJETS$5,665
Bombardier Global Express XRSJETS$5,637
Bombardier Learjet 24DJETS$3,819
Bombardier Learjet 24EJETS$3,819
Bombardier Learjet 25DJETS$3,667
Bombardier Learjet 31JETS$2,428
Bombardier Learjet 31AJETS$2,430
Bombardier Learjet 31A/ERJETS$2,430
Bombardier Learjet 31ERJETS$2,298
Bombardier Learjet 35AJETS$2,804
Bombardier Learjet 36AJETS$2,789
Bombardier Learjet 40JETS$2,303
Bombardier Learjet 40XRJETS$2,383
Bombardier Learjet 45JETS$2,338
Bombardier Learjet 45XRJETS$2,450
Bombardier Learjet 55/55BJETS$3,289
Bombardier Learjet 55CJETS$3,196
Bombardier Learjet 60JETS$2,671
Bombardier Learjet 60XRJETS$2,534
Bombardier Learjet 70JETS$2,416
Bombardier Learjet 75JETS$2,437
Cessna Citation 500JETS$2,338
Cessna Citation BravoJETS$1,852
Cessna Citation CJ1JETS$1,522
Cessna Citation CJ1+JETS$1,552
Cessna Citation CJ2JETS$1,611
Cessna Citation CJ2+JETS$1,711
Cessna Citation CJ3JETS$1,825
Cessna Citation CJ4JETS$2,126
Cessna Citation EncoreJETS$2,202
Cessna Citation Encore+JETS$2,162
Cessna Citation ExcelJETS$2,590
Cessna Citation I/ISPJETS$2,238
Cessna Citation II/IISPJETS$2,219
Cessna Citation IIIJETS$3,416
Cessna Citation JetJETS$1,612
Cessna Citation M2JETS$1,489
Cessna Citation MustangJETS$1,075
Cessna Citation S/IIJETS$2,385
Cessna Citation SovereignJETS$2,984
Cessna Citation Sovereign+JETS$2,894
Cessna Citation UltraJETS$2,443
Cessna Citation VJETS$2,416
Cessna Citation VIJETS$3,310
Cessna Citation VIIJETS$3,372
Cessna Citation XJETS$3,954
Cessna Citation X+JETS$4,041
Cessna Citation XLSJETS$2,507
Cessna Citation XLS+JETS$2,475
Dassault Falcon 10JETS$3,105
Dassault Falcon 100JETS$2,999
Dassault Falcon 200JETS$5,098
Dassault Falcon 2000JETS$4,083
Dassault Falcon 2000DXJETS$3,362
Dassault Falcon 2000EXJETS$3,464
Dassault Falcon 2000EX EASyJETS$3,329
Dassault Falcon 2000LXJETS$3,274
Dassault Falcon 2000LXSJETS$3,274
Dassault Falcon 2000SJETS$3,343
Dassault Falcon 20CJETS$4,370
Dassault Falcon 20C-5JETS$3,473
Dassault Falcon 20C-5BJETS$3,454
Dassault Falcon 20FJETS$4,140
Dassault Falcon 20F-5JETS$3,275
Dassault Falcon 20F-5BJETS$3,256
Dassault Falcon 50JETS$4,445
Dassault Falcon 50-40JETS$4,036
Dassault Falcon 50EXJETS$3,908
Dassault Falcon 7XJETS$4,133
Dassault Falcon 900JETS$4,478
Dassault Falcon 900BJETS$4,284
Dassault Falcon 900CJETS$4,096
Dassault Falcon 900DXJETS$3,842
Dassault Falcon 900EXJETS$4,090
Dassault Falcon 900EX EASyJETS$3,773
Dassault Falcon 900LXJETS$3,707
Eclipse Aerospace Eclipse 500JETS$968
Eclipse Aerospace Eclipse 550JETS$937
Eclipse Aerospace Total Eclipse 500JETS$969
Embraer 135 ShuttleJETS$3,777
Embraer 170LRJETS$5,318
Embraer ERJ-145ERJETS$4,498
Embraer Legacy 600JETS$3,965
Embraer Legacy 650JETS$4,106
Embraer Lineage 1000JETS$6,216
Embraer Phenom 100JETS$1,211
Embraer Phenom 300JETS$1,838
Fokker F100ERJETS$7,473
Fokker F28 Mk1000JETS$5,946
Fokker F28 Mk4000JETS$5,739
Fokker F70ERJETS$7,287
Gulfstream G IIJETS$6,920
Gulfstream G II BJETS$6,627
Gulfstream G II B HushkitJETS$6,627
Gulfstream G II HushkitJETS$6,920
Gulfstream G II SPJETS$6,620
Gulfstream G II SP HushkitJETS$6,620
Gulfstream G IIIJETS$6,322
Gulfstream G III HushkitJETS$6,322
Gulfstream G IVJETS$5,591
Gulfstream G IV SPJETS$5,408
Gulfstream G VJETS$5,581
Gulfstream G100JETS$2,627
Gulfstream G150JETS$2,481
Gulfstream G200JETS$3,289
Gulfstream G280JETS$3,221
Gulfstream G300JETS$5,238
Gulfstream G350JETS$5,072
Gulfstream G400JETS$5,241
Gulfstream G450JETS$5,117
Gulfstream G500JETS$4,954
Gulfstream G550JETS$4,980
Gulfstream G650JETS$5,374
Honda Aircraft HA-420 HondaJetJETS$1,221
IAI 1123 Commodore JetJETS$4,823
IAI Astra SPJETS$2,796
IAI Westwind 1JETS$3,202
IAI Westwind 2JETS$3,167
Lockheed Jetstar IIJETS$6,617
Lockheed L1011-200FJETS$20,737
Nextant Aerospace 400XTJETS$1,780
Nextant Aerospace 400XTiJETS$1,780
Premier Aircraft Falcon 50-4JETS$4,194
Sabreliner Sabre 40AJETS$3,563
Sabreliner Sabre 60JETS$3,632
Sabreliner Sabre 65JETS$2,812
Sabreliner Sabre 80 (75A)JETS$3,604
Sierra Industries FJ44 Eagle II 501SPJETS$1,751
Sierra Industries FJ44 Stallion 501SPJETS$1,751
Sierra Industries FJ44 Super II 550JETS$1,754
Sierra Industries FJ44 Super SII S550JETS$1,812
SyberJet SJ30JETS$1,715
Aircraft Cost Summary Assumptions for Variable, Fixed and Annual Budget

The cost information displayed is the total aircraft variable cost per hour an operator can expect to incur during aircraft operation. Variable costs include fuel, airframe maintenance, labor and parts, engine restoration and miscellaneous costs. Please refer to the Aircraft Variable Cost Explanation of Terms for more in-depth information about how we calculate aircraft variable costs and the assumptions used.

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