Life Cycle Cost Reoport

Personalized Report built for your aircraft
Total ownership costs
Include parameters such as charter revenue and taxes
Understand maintenance costs
Identify estimated residual values based on component status

This is the most innovative and comprehensive aircraft budget and financial report available. The Life Cycle Cost Report provides ownership and operating cost data for your specific aircraft and situation. It provides you with a comprehensive budget, residual value and net present value over the next 20 years of the aircraft’s life. Order a Life Cycle Cost Report Today and one of our consultants will reach out to get your aircraft specifics to create your personalized Life Cycle Cost Report for your aircraft.


aircraft models available

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5-year and 20-year life-cycle reports
Annual and monthly budgeting
Identify financial alternatives based on net present value
Executive summary, annual cost, financial analysis details, maintenance cost matrix, and 20-year budget and maintenance forecasts

State Tax Guide

Track legislative activity
Stay current on U.S. state taxes
Access sales and use taxes on aircraft, leases and maintenance
Review aircraft registration and similar fees
Understand personal property taxes and common tax exemptions
Compare similar taxes between states
Receive automatic updates throughout the year

Access critical aviation tax information anytime, anywhere. The State Tax Guide provides easy access to the latest tax information for all 50 U.S. states in one convenient place for both commercial and non-commercial operations.


U.S. state tax exemptions
covered in detail

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Quick state tax comparisons
Latest rates for sales and use taxes, personal property taxes, aircraft registration fees, jet fuel, aviation gasoline, and other similar taxes
Applicable tax exemption rules, regulations and statutes
Information on parts and labor tax
Contact information for state Departments of Revenue and Aviation


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