The State Tax Guide for General Aviation (STG) is your vital reference tool that provides immediate access to details regarding; Sales and Use Tax, Personal Property Tax, Jet Fuel Tax, Aviation Gasoline Tax, State Aviation Trust Funds, Registration and other Fees. The State Tax Guide can assist you with aircraft acquisition decisions, where to hangar an aircraft, tax planning and even how to structure aircraft ownership.

Our STG Software Program allows you to:

  • Download updates and changes in all 50 states
  • Search and compare how all states tax general aviation
  • Compare tax rates and exemptions for up to 3 states side-by-side

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Types of Reports:

  • Single: Find information on one particular state
  • Comparison: Select up to 3 states to compare side-by-side at one time
  • 50 State: View reports for all 50 states at one time
  • Summary Sheet: View valuable data for an unlimited amount of states in an easily viewable table structure

The State Tax Guide provides information on:

  • Sales and Use Taxes
    • Common Carrier Exemptions
    • Casual/Occasional Sales
    • Fly-Away Exemptions
    • Trade-In Allowances
    • Leases, Parts & Labor
  • Registration & Other Fees
  • Personal Property Taxes
  • Jet Fuel & AVGAS Taxes
  • State Aviation Trust Fund
  • Contact Sources
    • Telephone Numbers
    • Websites

Did you know:

  • Your purchase is an annual subscription. The subscription entitles you to software improvements, state tax data updates and product technical support.