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The mission of Conklin & de Decker is to enable the general aviation industry to make more informed decisions when dealing with the purchase, operation and disposition of aircraft by furnishing objective and impartial information.

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At Conklin & de Decker, we strive to:

Provide our customers with solid data and expertise to base their decisions on. Those decisions range from acquisition, maintenance and management (management of operations; employees and their business past (histories); present and future).

Provide the customer a variety of mediums to answer their questions and provide the data to back up those decisions.  Decisions based upon facts carries more weight than one based on opinion. This is one the values that we provide our customers.

When broken down to the lowest level of what we do, all products, services, courses and seminars feed into helping the customer manage the total picture of what it costs to own and operate aircraft. Our products and services provide tools, knowledge and data that assist them through the entire life cycle of owning and operating aircraft. There are supplemental tools that assist the customer with managing the other aspects of their business. The core of all our products and services can be boiled down to cost.