A primary objective of any maintenance organization is to make aircraft available for their intended purpose – to fly! In order to increase availability, the maintenance organization must reduce the amount of time aircraft spend waiting for maintenance activities. Inventory is an important ingredient in the formula that can reduce downtime due to maintenance.

Unfortunately, while inventory solves issues, it can also create problems. Resources invested in inventory become unavailable for use by the rest of the organization. Storing inventory requires physical space and shelving. Inventory can become obsolete, lost or damaged. Inventory usually requires personnel to keep track of it.

While inventory may be necessary to your maintenance organization, what are you doing to eliminate some of its related problems and to improve the process of handling it?

The inventory module of MxManager can help you. From the time you need a part or repair until the time you issue an item to a work order, the inventory system assists in many ways. It can reduce the time that it takes to place an order, make it easier to retrieve “real-time” information, and reduce the errors associated with transcription errors.

Listed below are examples of the features and functions of MxManager and its comprehensive inventory system:

  • Improve your year-end inventory count. Know how much you have and where it is located before the count begins. Reconcile your discrepancies in less time.
  • Eliminate redundant data entry. Once you have entered a part number, never have to enter it again or any of its related information.
  • Answer the regulatory authorities’ concerns. Track parts from the time they enter your organization until disposition. View the history of the movement of individual parts.
  • Analyze the activity of your parts. Determine which parts have not had activity, which parts are below their minimum quantity, and when parts were transferred between warehouses.
  • Know the quantity of any part. Quickly determine what you have on hand as well as what is out for repair.


 More Inventory Screenshots